2015 MIAA Sportsmanship Summit


Watch out behind you!

Here are the three female athletes that came with me to the summit.

This past Friday I was able to attend the MIAA Sportsmanship Summit at Gillette Stadium.  Six senior student-athletes were selected by our Athletic Director to attend the summit with myself and my colleague Bob McDougall.   These six students were selected based on their character, leadership qualities and team spirit.

The keynote speaker at the event was Mike Smith a self proclaimed “Professional Teenager.” He was introduced as “THE best motivational speaker.”  I have to be honest, I was a little skeptical when a skater-looking dude with long hair, a beanie and full of tattoos came on stage.  Within seconds my judgements were proved inaccurate and after an hour of keeping 2,000 teenagers’ full and complete attention, I walked away knowing that indeed Mike Smith is THE BEST motivational speaker out there!  He not only inspired my students but  I came home from this day with a reinvigorated perspective.

This is similar to the talk Mike Smith shared with us on Friday.


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