Hello, my name is Courtney Albert.  I began teaching at Newton North High School in 2003 right after graduating from Plymouth State College.  I’ve been teaching and coaching there ever since.  I love my job and I love working with high school students.  They are bright, motivated and challenge me each and every day.  No two days are ever the same and that excitement has me coming back for more.  I teach a variety of classes from Sexuality & Health to World Games.  I just recently started a new class called Sexuality & Health II specifically for Junior and Seniors and it has been received well from my students.  I have my Master’s in Educational Leadership from Framingham State College.


I’ve been coaching JV Basketball at NN since 2014.  I also coached JV softball for 5 seasons from 2004-2009 before becoming a mom. I was an assistant basketball coach at MIT for a season in 2006 and coached at Buckingham Brown and Nichol’s during the 2012 season.  When I was hired in 2003, I coached JV boys volleyball for one year.  I had never played volleyball and knew relatively nothing about the game but I worked under Richard Barton and he taught me everything I needed to know. During all four years of college, I was the varsity assistant softball coach at the local high schools.  While in high school, every Saturday morning during the winter I woke up early and coach basketball with elementary school kids.  I enjoy coaching and helping shape young people’s lives.  Sports can help teach many life lessons unlike any other experience.


I have been married to my wife Lauren since 2009 and we have two beautiful and loving daughter’s named Ashlyn (6)  and Sydney (4).


Email address is:

Work:  Courtney_albert@newton.k12.ma.us

Personal: Courta25@gmail.com

Work phone is:

617-559-6400 x 454127


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