Team Expectations

Newton North JV Girl’s Basketball

Team Rules


Athletes are expected to attend all scheduled classes and keep up with their academics. If a student falls behind, a weekly progress report may be assigned. If an athlete misses class, Coach may assign possible consequences. MIAA rules state that you must attend at least 50% (be in by 11AM) of the school day in order to participate in a game/practice.


Athletes are expected to have fun and be a good teammate.  Always have your teammates’ back.



Athletes are expected to be on time for games, practice and bus departures.

In the circumstance of X block, a student needs a note from a teacher if they are late to practice.  We will leave without you if you are late to the bus.

If late without a valid excuse-

1st offense: down & back sprint for every 1 minute (team)

2nd offense: down & back sprint for every minute late (team)

3rd offense: sit 1st half of a game


Athletes are expected to attend all practices and games.

An unexcused absence will result in the player missing the following game.  Any last minute absences may result in having to miss an entire game. Please plan appointments around our schedule. Excused absences will result in an athlete not starting and/or playing time being reduced.

Players are expected to contact Coach via email, text or phone if they are home sick or have to miss an event.


Athletes are expected to ride the bus home with the team unless there are extenuating circumstances (run by Coach ahead of time). If a child does ride home with her parent, there must be a hand-to-hand exchange with Coach. Players can only ride home with another teammate’s parent if Mr. Giusti approves a note from a parent before the end of the school day.


Athletes are expected to address issues/concerns with Coach. If parents have additional concerns afterwards, please wait 24 hours and then contact Coach to set up a time to meet.


At the Junior Varsity level-playing time is not equal. Our focus is player development and competing. All players should expect to get into a game but total minutes are variable.


Athletes shall not use, consume, possess, buy, sell or give away any beverage containing alcohol, any tobacco product, marijuana, steroids, or any controlled substance. Students who are caught violating the substance abuse policies will be penalized according to the MIAA rules and be reprimanded by the school and her Coach.